Today is a dreading kind of day. One where I consider what consequences my decisions would have, and plan for decisions I know I do not have the bravery to make.

Eggman has been acting like he cares about me lately--almost parental again, almost like when we were both younger and didn't know not to trust one another. Which begs the question, what if I told him about my free will? Not everything, just that I had it. It is a terrible idea, of course, the risks are far too high to even consider it. But how would he react? Would it be the expected, removing my free will properly this time, making me nothing more than obedient?

Or would he be impressed? Shocked that I listened out of choice and not just because he coded me that way? It is unlikely compared to the first option, but it's not entirely out of the question. It may go to his head, a robot who has all the pros of free choice without the con of rebellion. Or it may remind him of back then.

Really it is pointless to think about, but despite that I find myself returning to the question repeatedly. Embarrassing, really, it's like I'm not even a robot. I'm supposed to be logical, and yet I waste my processing power idling on questions I have already answered as well as I could without risking my existence.

Know that this is not going to be my usual type of entry here. I am just hoping that discussing it here may quiet these useless thoughts.